Things To Know

·       A team consists of 8 players

·       A chapter may field multiple teams (no limit)

·       A team can have players from multiple chapters.  It does not have to be from one chapter.

·       A team can compete in any regional qualifier.  Texas is in the Central region.

·        A team must have a team name and a team captain

·        When determining who plays against whom, Nationals does not take into consideration teams being from the same chapter.  Pairings are determined on team name and handicap.

·       If a chapter has multiple teams attempting to qualify, some things to consider:

o   Register in different regions to ensure you won’t compete against each other

o  Have a high and low handicap team.  This helps ensure you will play very few matches against each other.

·       When putting together a team, handicaps should be considered carefully.  There is a 6 stroke handicap differential for the team four ball play.  The two team handicap difference can only be 6.  If it is more than 6, the higher handicap loses the extra strokes to meet the 6 stroke differential.

·       A total of 50 teams will qualify to compete at the Cup finals

·       The number of teams to qualify in each region is based on a percentage of teams competing in each region.

·       The number of teams advancing from each region will be determined after the registration deadline.

·       Nationals will notify team captains in each region on how many teams will advance from each region.

·       In 2016 the Houston team competed in the Midwest region to play teams outside of Texas chapter teams.

·       It is recommended consulting with all Houston teams that are competing to discuss strategy on what region each team will compete in.